I have started blogging and sharing code, and I´m just another IT guy. Feels a bit weird, but here we go. This is why I do it.


Gaining knowledge is a life-long exercise. Using GitHub and write about topics forces me both to actually learn and to practice. In short; learning by doing.

Showing skills

Certs are good, I have a PMP one that opens up for new opportunities. That said, it takes time to study and prep for exams. I´m a regular listener to the Packet Pushers podcasts. They, and in particular Greg Ferro, suggest that blogging and using GitHub speaks louder than certs. If/when opportunities come it can be a solid resume to add.

Sharing knowledge

Impostor syndrome. I for sure got it at times. What can I possibly share that others don´t know vastly more about? It´s all about how you look at it I guess. Yes, there are many that know a lot more than me no matter the topic. However, there is something unique for all of us to how we came about the knowledge. This can offer a perspective that is useful for others in a similar situation. In my role as Field IT Manager I collaborate with multiple diciplines within IT. A network engineer might not know PowerShell and AD. Wireshark can provide information that you can bring forward to a Service Engineer. This is a form of silo busting (if you will) that enables you to be one that connects the dots. Although I haven´t read the book (yet) Don Jones was a guest at the Datanauts podcast to talk about his book “Be the Master”, and I was convinced. I recommend you to give it a listen - Datanauts 131: Masters And Mentorship.

Time will tell if one or more of my objectives are met.